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Call Lanyards
Caleb Hartman

Call Lanyards

Call Lanyards
andrew bundt
Light and strong!

Love my new Lanyard!

Call Lanyards
Colton Long
LFC Lanyard

A little long for me being a 15 year old, but you can just reach down and have confidence that you grabbed the right call. Super comfy and durable.


Great call. You can easily do just about any call you need with this and not worry about squeeks. Super easy to learn on and a lot of volume control... It can be loud or hush. Works perfect even in -30 late season in Canada and the honkers here love the sound.

The Illusion - Acrylic
Robert Oswalt

Love my call,worth every penny,will be buying more in the future,great job!!!

Amazing Duck Call

Absolutely love my imposter. Great sound and easy to run call.

American swirl

Thank you for sending to Japan :)
It's a good duck call that can be sharp and sweet!

Bang for your buck

I already owned this call in Delrin. I wanted to get an acrylic at some point but couldn’t decide. When it was announced in old school camo, that was when I had to have one. Love it. Sounds great and looks great.

Great company

I have nothing but, good things to say about about LF Matt and the crew make a solid product and even better customer service. Believe the reviews! Also, the new color patterns that come and go are all as great as they sound. The warranty and re-tune’s are a added bonus!

Great call

I love this call. Easy to blow. Nice and deep low end. Awesome hunting call.

Small Batch #9
Dalton Decrispino
Illusion + Imposter

Bought both single and double reed duck calls. Couldn’t be happier, very unique calls. Single reed very loud top end, imitates a comp call. Double reed very ducky life like, still has loud top end and smooth feed chuckle.


Great call easy to use great sound Awsome people to deal with definitely buy again

The Deceiver - Acrylic
Robert Oswalt
shipping was great

its a great call worth every penny!!!

The Illusion - Acrylic
Devin Van Maanen
Great tone, volume and easy to blow.

Been blowing on the same old calls for years, decided to upgrade to this and the Deceiver goose call. I’m in love, fantastic tone, big volume and easy blowing!

Super easy call

This calls very easily. Just learn the correct pressure and you are golden. Great sound, both soft and loud.

Love it! Well worth the money!

Reactive with solid tone

This is a solid call. It is quite reactive and can respond quickly with various notes. Increased versatility with deeper raspier notes on the low end would enhance the rating. Overall I am pleased with the call.

awesome range & easy to use

I can produce a wider variety of sounds with this call than any other short reed I have tried. The volume and pitch range is incredible, high and loud to low and raspy. My favorite part of the call is how the barrel starts with a wider, flatter shape where you put it to your mouth; it really helps out. Having not tried it in person and just ordering blind, among the sea of options, I have to agree with a lot of the reviews already on here - this thing plain rocks!

The Great Deceiver

Beautiful call, easy to use, and sounds great!

Exceeded my expectations

I’ve tried multiple different duck calls including duck commander, but nothing came anywhere near the duck call from Last Call. It felt amazing and sounded amazing. Very high quality!

The Deceiver - Acrylic
Chris Maxfield
Excellent Goose Calls

I own or have owned most of the major call brands. I have a problem, I know. I recently purchased the Deception call while they were on sale, had heard some good things and figured at the sale price, it was worth a try. These are NICE calls. Fit and Finish - exceptional. I was sold, and quickly ordered the Deceiver. Both have a nice goosey tone, the deception is louder and a bit more aggressive sounding. There’s more built in back pressure on the deceiver making it effortless to run while still maintaining great tone. Would be cool if they offered it with the broke in guts, but it’s not giving up much with the standard gut system. Excellent calls, great service.

The Imposter - Acrylic
william luckie

Have not hunted with it yet but my wife hates it already because I can't put it down!

The Deceiver - Acrylic
michael maurer
Deciever acrylic

This call hands down is money...