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Goose call

Call sounds great. Love how quick the reed is. Has a great sound that carries good. Have a buddy that has been hunting 40 years and he said he is going to be ordering one. Definitely will stand behind this call.

The best.

The best love it. Thanks guys.

Small Batch #8
Josh Buckelew

Absolutely love the call! Easy to blow and sounds great

The Imposter - Delrin
Brady Bouchet
Great brake over

Bought this to replace a honky tonk. It brakes over crisp, it’s loud but not super loud and sounds really good. I d recommend this call

Deceiver acrylic

Great call! Able to hit a lot of notes, and actually sounds real goosey

My favorite duck call

This is my first delrin call and i love it! The tone is perfect, super easy to use, and allows a wide range of sounds

The Deceiver - Acrylic

Small Batch #8
Justin Fail
Awesome call

Sounds great, crisp and loud! I love this call!!!

Excellent goose call

I’m able to run this call better than anything I have on my lanyard. Excellent call couldn’t be more happier

Hi Beautiful Call, just have to learn how to use it. Seems to be easy to Blow, shouldn't take anytime. Do you sell tapes or CD's on learning how to use it?

The Deceiver - Acrylic
Jeff Gustafson
Love it

This is the easiest call that I have to blow. I’m able to do way more aridity of calls. Took my other Canada calls off my lanyard.

The Deceiver - Acrylic
Timothy Stirling
Awesome call ..DECEIVER call..

I am very new to goose calling and after playing with a cheap call from Walmart I decided to upgrade and WOW what a difference in sound and how easy it is to break over the call. Very happy with it and fast shipping

The Imposter - Acrylic
Robert Warren
Great for new guys.

This is only my second season duck hunting, so obviously I'm new to calling. This call is extremely easy to use and try different methods. Even as new as I am, using this call I've started turning ducks and bringing them in consistently.

Our first time purchase

We were on vacation and just happened on Last Flight Calls, pulled in, and met some wonderful, informative, helpful owners, we bought our purchase and could not be happier. We will for sure stop in next year when we come back. Thank you for a very positive experience. Take care,

The illusion

Great call, sounds great! Easy to blow and just a all around damn good call!

Chris Blackmun
Awesome call!

I love it! So awesome in fact that the first day I decided to take it out I shot a banded Canada ( a 4 year old female banded in colon Michigan! Haha. Thanks guys!

The Deception - Acrylic
Stephen Johnson

This call is advertised as slightly higher pitched, which works for smaller sub-species and “running traffic”, adding a slightly different tone to a chorus of callers working a flock of large Canada geese. It performs beautifully in that situation, adding a multi-goose sound rather than just another low-pitched honk from your group of hunters. I like this call because it is easy to blow making a variety of sounds at a slightly higher pitch.

3rd call

My 3rd call from lastflight and I won't go yo any other call company they are hands down the best calls I've used!!

Great!! call very high quality

Learning curve

Love this call so far, however there is a learning curve. Used to shoving as much air as possible through a call, and since I’ve transitioned to Last Flight, I’m having to hold back as I was over blowing. Would highly recommend to even beginners trying to learn.

The deceiver- acrylic

An amazing call! He's call on the market! Can't wait to get in on some traffic birds!

The deceiver goose call

Fast service easy to blow and sounds really good probably another month before i get to give it a try and cant wait


I’ve been using Last Flight Calls for a few years now, the calls from Matt and the rest of the guys at Last Flight are second to none. The quality and the craftsmanship are superb. The sounds of any line of their calls whether acrylic or delrin are arguably the very best in the business.

The Illusion - Acrylic
Vernon Boker II

Awesome sound and feel quack quack

The Deceiver - Acrylic
Willard Teuteberg

The Deceiver - Acrylic