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Great Call,Great Value!

I just received my Deceiver goose call and I am very impressed with the tone quality and ease of use and the overall quality of this goose call and I highly recommend it!


Everything Last Flight makes is top notch!

Wont know until I hunt it but sounds good.

Love the sound. Dont love the sound board in the sense there is a lot of sticking area. Its just like an RNT. You hunt lares or zink they break those up. That being said the sound is perfect. If it doesnt stick it will be awesome. And it is perfect where I hunt--small ponds with lots of trees. Its on the lanyard and ill hunt it next year. It is sheer quality no complaints and worth the money. If she doesnt stick it will be on the lanyard all the time.

Army of One

Tested the new call and pulled in the first 3 flocks that were in flight.

Smooth calling ! Highly recommended call!

Great calls

Received my call quickly and always very professional when talking to them


Good sounding little call, great finish will be looking at other models when lime green is back in stock

Thank you so much!

5 stars! Got it to us before Valentine’s Day!! Husband loves it

great call a little bit too high pitched but works great

Love it

Very soft, fits great.


Excellent quality craftsmanship. Gets loud and sounds great but can also get low when you need it. My favorite call I've bought to date.


Everything about this call is awesome! The fit and finish is immaculate and the tuning is great. It’s loud as hell too. Great for reach out on open water.

Illusion Acrylic

Very nice call at a fair price. Great natural tone

Awesome call

This call is amazing for the price it’s at and the materials it’s made from. Easy to run and sounds like a duck. Can’t ask for more from a call. 10/10 would buy again. Will be ordering the same in acrylic shortly.

Imposter hunter series

Got it in last night and i love the call. Its easy to blow, sounds amazing, and looks good. I will be buying from yall more often. I recommend to any duck hunter to buy yalls call. Thank you and you will hear from me again.

Imposter Review

Sounds good. Very loud for a double reed. If I had to change 1 thing it’d be to make it a hair more raspy but I’m sure that’ll come the more the reeds get broke in.

Great lanyard

Very impressed with the lanyard. The only thing I would change is the shiny silver clips. I wish they were black. I will be painting mine. But, I recommend this lanyard. It is great, tightly made, and very flexible (not stiff like my others).


This lanyard is very comfortable to wear on an all day hunt and the length of the lanyard is perfect. Would recommend this call lanyard to anyone.

Illusion duck review - best call on the market

I purchased the illusion and I have to say, I’ve owned tons of big name calls and this call by far is the best sounding one I’ve ever owned . Huge shout out to Matthew hicks and the last flight team for some really good work .

Great sounding call

This call is very high quality, it’s loud and is able to be backed off for when the ducks are coming in close, I would recommend this call to any serious duck hunter

Best I own now

Thanks great call

Very impressed

I love this call. Easy to blow and great range!

Great call

Love the call very easy to use and sounds great would recommend to everyone


Sounds amazing! Looks even better!

Duck call and lanyard review

Lanyard is awesome , very happy with it and the illusion duck call I purchased As well , top quality products made by last flight calls.